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Polyethylene Wax/Ethylene vinyl acetate Wax

Innospec Leuna runs a high pressure polymerization plant as well as wax oxidation plant at the vast Leuna chemical site in Germany. The extensive Innospec Leuna wax portfolio is well known under the brand VISCOWAX.


VISCOWAX® products are produced using polymerization, based on the relevant monomers, opposed to waxes, which are produced by a degradation process. VISCOWAX® waxes are of consistently high quality and deliver exacting specifications and high thermal stability.

Viscowax Brochure

The grades of VISCOWAX® is classified as under:

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Non-oxidized PE-waxes

Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polyethylene Wax

Oxidized PE-waxes

Non-oxidized EVA Copolymer waxes

Oxidized EVA Copolymer waxes

Polypropylene Wax

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